Avoca FNC Website is now live.

The Avoca Football Netball Club has opened our new website to the public.

Unfortunately our original website provided by the AFL has now been dismantled, so we have taken steps to create a new website.

The website has been introduced so that members of the public can have access to our club history and current goings on.

Football Team Photographs back as far as 1910, and Netball Team Photographs back as far as the 1930’s can be seen on the new website.

Football and Netball Honour Rolls can also be seen on this site.

Our sponsors contact details are also all on this site and we take this opportunity to thank our sponsors sincerely for their ongoing support of our club.

We encourage you all to take the time to have a look around the site which is currently still a work in progress.

We hope you find some items of interest.

Thank you to Gameday for helping us to build our new website.