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Trevor Field is a club legend who has played over 600 games for the Avoca FNC.

Trevor commenced playing with Avoca way back in 1982 with the Under 16 team and received the Best Under 13 player of that year. This was to be the start of an illustrious career with our club and thirty eight years later he is still going strong.

Trevor has been an outstanding contributor to the Avoca Bulldogs, both on the field and off the field. He can often be seen helping the juniors doing the tasks that a lot of people will not do.  He has done the umpiring in all descriptions, Field, Goal or Boundary and will do the Running or wear the famous pink shirt of the Water Boy.

Then he dons the Guernsey and runs out to play in the Reserves these days and is still going strong.

Trevor has won numerous individual awards and also played in a number of premierships over the thirty six year journey.

He has won seven club Best & Fairest awards and been Runner Up on five occasions.

He has won two League Best & Fairest Awards. The Lexton Plains Senior Best & Fairest Award in 2001 and the MCDFNL Reserves Best & Fairest award in 2010.

He received the Peter Gellert Award in 1992 and the Maffescioni award in 2002 which were Lexton FL and Lexton Plains FL awards in which the opposition clubs vote on the best player.

He has also been selected to represent the LFL and LPFL on seven occasions.

Trevor played in four Senior Premierships in 1993, 96, 97 & 98 during the very successful 90’s era of the Avoca Bulldogs.

Trevor is held in high regard by everyone at the Avoca Football Netball Club and was awarded Life Membership in 2002 when he played his 300th game for the club. (We may have to give him another one as he has met the criteria twice.)

We congratulate Trevor and thank him for his ongoing service to our club.

Well done Baz!

Trevor Field Record can be seen at this link.


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Ben Howell is a 300 game player for the Avoca Bulldogs having played 391 games.

He is a dual Reserves grade premiership player in 1997 & 1998, and has been a fine contributor to the club since he first donned the boots back in 1991 in the Under 16’s.

He has played at interleague level and has won numerous awards during his football journey.

His long kicking from Full back is a key component of his game and his experience is very important for the Bulldogs.

He played his 300th game back in 2012 and is a Life Member of the Club.

Ben played his 350th game in 2015 and one of the highlights of his football career was playing alongside his son Jai in a Reserves game against Navarre in 2019.

Congratulations Ben!

Ben Howell Record can be viewed at this link.


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Gary Wardlaw has worn the Red White and Blue colours of the Avoca Football Netball Club over 350 times, having played 372 games for the Bulldogs.

Gary first played for Avoca in the Under 16 team as a 12 year old boy in 1985 and was the Best & Fairest player in the undefeated 1989 Under 16 team that were premiers and champions. 

He has always been a very quick player that attacks the ball ferociously and he developed into a top line player for the Avoca senior team and was a member of the 1993, 96, 97 & 98 Premiership teams.

He also Captained the 1997 & 98 Premiership teams and also has the distinction of playing for the Lexton Football League Interleague teams of 1992 and 1993.

Gary retired in 2000, but played a few games over the years to fill in when the club was short of players from 2000 to 2007, and then played a full season for the Reserves in 2008 and won the Maryborough Castlemaine District Football Netball League Best & Fairest award in that season, as well as the Avoca club Best & Fairest, which he again won last season.

He played his 300th club game in 2009 and was also awarded Life membership of the Avoca Bulldogs in that season.

He has played 72 more games since 2009 and played his 350th game in 2014. He won the Reserves Club Best & Fairest in 2013 and was runner up in 2014.

Gary has continued to contribute in the role of Runner for Reserves and Junior grades in recent years.

Gary is a tough hard competitor who has been an outstanding contributor to the Avoca Football Netball Club for which we are very grateful for his service.

Gary’s record can be seen at this link.


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Brad Wardlaw has enjoyed a long career with Avoca and first played in the Under 16’s in 1986 and won the Best 1st year player award.

He went on to play 342 games for the club.

He had an eight year hiatus after the 1999 season and returned to play in 2007 and was Runner Up in the Club Best & Fairest in that season.

He has played in five premierships and has been the recipient of a number of individual awards along the way. Including the 2012 MCDFNL Reserves grade Best & Fairest and the club equivalent.

He also had a successful stint as a coach when in 1998 he was the joint Reserves Grade premiership coach with his cousin David Wardlaw.

Brad played his 300th club game in 2011 and but for a leg injury in 2014 he could have played more than his 342 club games.

Brad Wardlaw Record

Can be viewed at this link


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Ron Beavis has been an outstanding contributor to the club having played 351 games and is a very worthy recipient for Life Membership.

Ron Beavis commenced playing for Avoca in 1984 in the in the Under 16 grade and played until the 2008 season when he moved interstate.

During his 23 season’s, he played in the 1998 Reserves Grade premiership and won numerous awards including two Reserves Grade Best & Fairest awards in 2000 & 2002, and was Captain Coach of the Reserves grade from 1999 to 2001.

Ron played his 250th Reserves Grade game in 2007 and is the current Reserves game record holder with 267 games. He played his 300th club game in 2005, and 350th club game in 2008.

Ron has been an outstanding contributor to the club and is a very worthy recipient of Life Membership.

Ron Beavis Record

Ron has played 351 games. 

23 Senior games       267 Reserves games       61 3rd’s games

Ron first played in 1984 and played his last game in 2008 which included his 350th game.

23 years of service.  Missed one year while in Darwin in 1997.

He is a Reserves premiership player in 1998.

Ron has also won numerous awards .

1994 – Reserves Most Improved

1995 – John Clohesy Memorial for Reserves Most Consistent

1998 – Reserves Premiership Player.

1999 – R/Up in Res B & F   Winner of Res Goalkicking.

2000 – Res Best & Fairest.   Winner of Res Goalkicking.

2002 – Res Best & Fairest

2005 – Res Most Determined

Ron was also Capt/Coach of the Reserves in 1999,2000, 2001.

Ron is also the current record holder for the most Reserves games played. 267

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Michael Wardlaw commenced playing for Avoca in 1988 and went on to play 321 games during his 20 years of playing for the Bulldogs.

Michael has been an outstanding contributor and played in numerous premierships and has won numerous awards including two senior grade Best & Fairest awards in 1995 and 1999. and was Runner Up Best & Fairest on four occasions.

Mick has also been selected as an interleague rep on six occasions.

He could quite easily have gone on to bigger and better things with his good mate and VFL Liston Medallist Julian Field, but chose to stay at Avoca and has been an outstanding contributor to the club and is a very worthy recipient of Life Membership.

Michael Wardlaw Record

Michael has played 321 games.

245 Senior games      1 Reserves game       75 3rd’s games.

Mick first played in 1988 and finished in 2009.

20 years of service.   He did not play in 2006 and 2008.

Mick has played in numerous premierships.

1989 – Under 16 premiership

1992 – Under 16 premiership

1993 – Senior premiership

1996 – Senior premiership

1997 – Senior premiership

1998 – Senior premiership

He has also won numerous awards.

1990 – U16 Most Consistent

1991 – U16 Best & Fairest

1992 – Senior Best 1st Year Player

1993 – Senior’s Coach’s Trophy.

1994 – Best Under 20

1995 – Best & Fairest.   Best Under 20

1999 – Best & Fairest

2001 – Most Consistent

2002 – R/Up in Best & Fairest

2003 – R/Up in Best & Fairest

2004 – R/Up in Best & Fairest

2007 – R/Up in Best & Fairest

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Jaye Farnsworth first played for Avoca back in 1999, when he played one game as a ten year old in the Under 16’s, to help out due to a player shortage.

He commenced playing full time in 2003 in the under 16’s when he was awarded the Best Player Under 14 Award.

Jaye has played for the club every season since and has won numerous awards along the way including the Reserves Best & Fairest Award in 2016.

Jaye could be considered a very determined player which is indicated by him winning a number of Most Determined awards during his playing career for the Bulldogs.

Since 1999, Jaye has played 122 senior games 105 Reserves games and 73 Under 17 games.

He has been a great contributor on and off the field and is a very deserving recipient of Life Membership.

Jaye’s Record can be viewed at this link.


A PDF version of this article can be viewed at this link.



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Anthony Neil has been a long time contributor to the Avoca Football netball Club having playing 300 games and is a Life Member of the club.

Anthony commenced playing for the club in 1988 with the Under 16 team and after 25 years played his 300th game in 2013.

Anthony has won numerous awards and has played in the 1997 & 1998 reserves grade premierships, and has also been a very willing helper around the club in an off field capacity, and on field where he has also been seen wearing the Runner’s shirt on many occasions over the years.

We congratulate Anthony on reaching his 300 game milestone and he is a very deserving Life member.

Anthony Neil record

Anthony played Under 16’s from 1988 to 1991.

Anthony commenced playing Reserves Grade in 1992 and was awarded the Coach;s trophy .

Anthony again was awarded the Coach’s Trophy in 1995.

1997      – Reserves Grade premiership player and played his 1st senior game.

1998      – Reserves Grade premiership player

1999      – Played his 100th Reserves Grade game.  

2004 – Played his 200th Club Game.

2009 – Played his 250th Club Game.

2013 – Played his 300th Club Game and Life Membership.

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