Club History

1873 The Beginning

The first record of Avoca participating in a game of football was found in extracts from the Avoca Mail, published on 15 July 1873:

“The next football match to come between Avoca and Maryborough will be played tomorrow on the Avoca Cricket Ground. There is much interest among the members of the respective clubs and that portion of the public who are fond of athletics and health giving sports. Owing to the remarkable closeness three former contests between the two clubs, two of which were drawn battles and the third a win for Avoca by one goal only, each side is bent on victory this time, but a cursory glance at the Maryborough names inclines us to believe that they are the stronger and heavier men, and our Avoca men will assuredly have their work cut out to the full. We believe we are right in the names of those who will constitute the players tomorrow.

B.H. Knott (Captain), Lawrence, Earl, T. Earle, W. Harris, H. Trevithick, T. Ross, Kitchen, McDonald, Knott, W. Murray, Taylor, Peterson, Curry, Macpherson, Gouge, J. Martin, Robinson and Richards.

Emergencies: Dungy, Blanchfield, Reed.

Goal Umpire: Dr. Macmahon.

Field Umpire: Mr. H. Bradshaw.

A supper of the right sort will be provided at Smith`s Avoca Hotel at the conclusion of the game, to which members only will be admitted. Tickets two shillings and six pence. We would like to see the weather a trifle more genial and, it this turns out so, there is every anticipation of a pleasant, friendly and well contested game.”

Avoca won the match, kicking one goal, whilst Maryborough did not score. 

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