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Colleen Drummond is considered to be one of Avoca’s greatest netballers who has played over 500 games for the club.

Colleen first played netball for the club way back in 1982 in the Under 14’s and was lucky enough to play in a premiership in her first season of netball.

She then played the next two season’s in the Under 16 grade which resulted in two more premierships and an Under 16 Best & Fairest award in 1983 and a Runner Up Best & Fairest by one vote to Helen Hamer in 1984.

Because of Colleen’s uncanny goal shooting ability, she was promoted to the Senior team in 1985 to form a deadly goal shooting alliance with her sister Leah Harris, who also was a quality player with a number of Club and League Best & Fairest awards to her name.

Avoca won consecutive Lexton Netball Association Premiership from 1986 to 1990 and Colleen played in all of these premierships and was Captain in 1987, 88 & 89.

Colleen and her husband Bill then started a family, so Colleen had a hiatus from netball until returning to the fold in 2002 and has continued to play for Avoca since that time. Colleen tied for the A Grade Club Best & Fairest in 1982 with Stacey Blair.

Avoca again won the Premiership in 2006 and in 2007 and Colleen was an integral part of the team, and was again the Captain in 2007.

The Bulldogs have always had a strong netball club and the A Grade girls won the premiership again in 2010, with Colleen’s ability also being rewarded when she won the club Best & Fairest award. She also achieved this feat again in 2011 and 2012.

In recent season’s, Colleen chose to play at a lower grade to allow younger girls to step up to A Grade. She has won the Club Best & Fairest in C Grade in 2017,2018 & 2019. Playing in both C & B Grade in 2019 she was a member of the B Grade Premiership and also won the C Grade Club and League Best & Fairest award..

Colleen has been an outstanding contributor to the Avoca Bulldogs over the past 30 years. She has won numerous awards and is a multiple premiership player who has also shot thousands of goals during her time under the goal ring.

Colleen is also a Life Member of the Avoca FNC.

Colleen has won the Club Best & Fairest on eight occasions.. Once at Under 16 level, three times at C Grade level and Four times at A Grade level. She also won the C Grade MCDFNL Best & Fairest in 2019.

She has played in 12 premierships for the club.

Colleen Harris/Drummond Record

1982   –           Under 14 Premiership

1983   –           Under 16 Premiership

                        Under 16 Club Best & Fairest

1984   –           Under 16 Premiership

                        Under 16 Runner Up Best & Fairest

1985   –           Played A Grade

1986   –           A Grade Premiership

                        A Grade Captain

                        Best in Grand Final

                        Under 18 Interleague Rep

1987   –           A Grade Premiership

                        A Grade Captain                   

1988   –           A Grade Premiership

                        A Grade Captain

                        Best in Finals

                        Played in A Grade LNA Team

1989   –           A Grade Premiership

                        A Grade Captain

1990   –           A Grade Premiership

                        Runner Up A Grade Best & Fairest.

1991 -2001 –  Did Not Play.

2002   –           Tied A Grade Best & Fairest with Stacey Blair.

2005   –           A Grade Most Consistent

2006   –           A Grade Premiership

2007   –           A Grade Premiership

                        Most Consistent.

2010   –           A Grade Premiership

                        Best & Fairest

                        Most Consistent

2011   –           Best & Fairest

                        Most Improved

                        Life Membership

2012   –           Best & Fairest

2013   –           Runner Up Best & Fairest

2014   –           Runner Up Best & Fairest

2015   –           Runner Up Best & Fairest

                       Best in Finals

2016   –           B Grade Most Valuable Player.

                        Best in Finals.

                        400th Game.

2017   –           Runner Up in MCDFNL C Grade Best & Fairest.

                        Winner of Club Best & Fairest.

                        Coach’s Award.

2018   –           4th in MCDFNL C Grade Best & Fairest.

                        Winner of Club Best & Fairest.

2019   –           B Grade Premiership

                        C Grade MCDFNL Best & Fairest

                        C Grade Club Best & Fairest.

                        450 games

 A link to a PDF version of Colleen Drummond’s History.

Colleen Drummond-converted (1).pdf

Stacey Blair 

Stacey first played for the Avoca FNC back in 1988 in the Under 14’s and has been one of the club’s better players winning many individual awards and playing in a number of premiership teams.

Stacey has won the A Grade League Best & Fairest in 2000, & 2004 in the Lexton Plains FNL and in 2005 in the MCDFNL.

She has won the Avoca FNC A Grade Best & Fairest in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002,  2004, 2005, 2006 and 2014 .

She has also won the Avoca FNC Best & Fairest in the Under 14 in 1992, and the Under 17 in 1994.

Stacey has played 500 games (tomorrow) for the club and played in Nine premierships for Avoca in various grades over the past 35 years.  (Minus a few years for Maternity leave)

She is a Life member of the Avoca FNC and also the MCDFNL.

This is a fantastic effort, and we thank Stacey for her ongoing service over many years.

Aproximately 35 years service.

She has played in nine Premierships.

1989  – Under 14

1990 – Under 14

1991 – Under 14

1993 – Under 17

1994 – Under 17

2005 – A Grade

2006 – A Grade

2010 – A Grade

2019 – A Grade

She has won Numerous Awards including Ten Best & Fairest at club level and Three at league level.

1992 – Under 14 Best & Fairest

1994 – Under 17 Best & Fairest

1999 – A Grade Best & Fairest

2000 – A Grade Best & Fairest & LPFL A Grade Best & Fairest

2001 – A Grade Best & Fairest

2002 – A Grade Best & Fairest

2004 – A Grade Best & Fairest & LPFL A Grade Best & Fairest

2005 – A Grade Best & Fairest & MCDFNL A Grade Best & Fairest

2006 – A Grade Best & Fairest

Stacey has also coached the Under 14/17 teams in 1997 and is currently coaching junior teams atm.

And in 2018 coached the 13 & Under team.

And coached the A & B Grade teams in 2000.

 Click this link for PDF  Stacey Blair



Alana Burge has played over 350 games for the Avoca Football Netball Club and has also been an outstanding contributor at coaching and administration level.

Alana first started playing for Avoca back in 1994 in the Under 14 team and has played every season since, except for 2012, when she had a season off for maternity leave.

The time off must have done Alana well, as she came back firing on all cylinders in 2013, and won the A Grade Best & Fairest award.

Alana has received many awards along the journey including the Best & Fairest award at Under 17 level in 1999. And she has also won the Best & Fairest twice at B Grade level in 2017 & 2018.

She has played in seven premierships for the Bulldogs and has also coached two premierships at junior level. Alana co-coached The Under17 Premiership in 2004 with Kelsey Burge, and also co-coached the Under 14 Premiership with Natasha Howell in 2006. 

It is not just on the court that Alana has served the club well as she has been involved at committee level and has also contributed at social club level.

Alana is also a Life member of the club for her ongoing outstanding service,.


Alana Field/Burge Record

1995 – Under 14 Premiership

1996 – Under 14 Premiership & Coach’s Award.

1997 – Under 17 Coach’s Award.

1998 – Under 17 Premiership & Coach’s Award.

1999 – Under 17 Best & Fairest and Most Consistent award.

2000 – B Grade Best & Fairest.Player

2003 – A Grade Most Consistent Award. & Under 17 Premiership Coach.

2004 – Under 17 Premiership Coach.

2005 – A Grade Coach’s Award.

2006 – A Grade Premiership & Most Consistent Player.    

          Under 14 Premiership Coach.

2007 – A Grade Premiership.

2009 – A Grade Coach’s Award.

2010 – A Grade Premiership

2011 – A Grade Most Consistent Player award.

2013 – A Grade Best & Fairest Player.

2014 – Played 300th Game.  Life Membership.

2016 – Amy Walkley Memorial Most Determined Player award.

2017 – B Grade Best & Fairest Player.

2018 – B Grade Best & Fairest Player.     Played 350th Game.

2019 – Captain of B Grade Premiership Team.


Alana Burge-converted.pdf

Lucy Walkley has been an outstanding contributor to the Avoca Football Netballl Club in a playing, coaching and administration capacity since she commenced playing in 1999.

Lucy has played in numerous premierships and has also won a number of Best & Fairest awards at club and league level. She has also coached a premiership at junior level with her sister Sarah in 2005, and was the A & B Grade coach of the 2014 Runner Up teams.

Lucy won the Under 14 club Best & Fairest in 2001 & 2002 and the Under 17 B & F in 2004, and the A Grade equivalent in 2007, 2008 & 2009. She also won the 2002 Under 14.5 League Best & Fairest and the MCDFNL A Grade award in 2009.

Along the way, Lucy has played in seven premierships.  Two at Under 14 level, one at Under 17 level and four A Grade premierships.

Lucy has an amazing record at the Avoca Bulldogs for which we are very appreciative, and she received Life membership in 2015 for her outstanding service.

Lucy Walkley Record

2000   –           Under 14 Runner Up Best & Fairest Player.

2001   –           Under 14 Best & Fairest Player

                        Under 14 Premiership

2002   –           Under 14 LPFNL Best & Fairest & Club Best & Fairest.

                        Under 14 Premiership

2004   –           Under 17 Best & Fairest Player

                        Under 17 Premiership

2005   –           A Grade Runner Up Best & Fairest Player.

                        Under 14 Premiership Coach.

2006   –           A Grade Premiership

                        Runner Up Best & Fairest Player. & Best in Finals.

2007   –           A Grade Premiership

                        Best & Fairest Player. & Best in Finals.

2008   –           A Grade Best & Fairest Player.

2009   –           A Grade Best & Fairest Player.

                        MCDFNL Best & Fairest Player.

                        Amy Walkley Memorial Award.

2010   –           A Grade Premiership

                        Merle Gothard Memorial Award.

                        Best in Finals.

2012   –           Amy Walkley Memorial Award.

2013   –           A Grade and C Grade Coach.

2014   –           A Grade Runner Up Best & Fairest Player.

                        A, B ,C Grade Coach,

                        A & B Grade were both Runners Up.

2015   –           A, B ,C Grade Coach,

                        B Grade Runners Up, C Grade Premiers

                        300th game.   Life Membership.

2016   –           A Grade Best & Fairest Player.

                        B Grade Coach.

2017   –           Amy Walkley Memorial Award. Most Dedicated.

                        350th game.

2018   –           A Grade joint coach.

2019   –           A Grade Premiership.


Lucy Walkley.pdf


Colleen Soulsby is another of our girls that has played over 350 games for the Avoca Football and Netball Club. Colleen missed five years from 2005 to 2009 so her games record could have been much higher.

Colleen has been an outstanding contributor in playing and coaching roles since she commenced playing for our Under 14 team back in 1989, when she was the Runner up Best & Fairest in her first season of netball.

Since that time, she has received numerous awards along the way including the B Grade Best & Fairest award in 2011, and was also Runner Up in the MCDFNL Best & Fairest in that season. Colleen also won the C Grade Best & Fairest in 2016.

She has also played in six premierships for the Avoca Bulldogs.

Colleen played her 300th game in 2015 and was also presented with Life Membership for her ongoing contribution to our club.


Colleen Blair/Soulsby Record.

1989   –           Under 14 Premiership & Runner Up Best & Fairest Player.

1990   –           Under 14 Premiership & Runner Up Best & Fairest Player.

1991   –           Under 17 Runners Up.

1992   –           Under 17 Runners Up.

1993   –           Under 17 Premiership

1994   –           B Grade Premiership.

1997   –           Under 17 & Under 14 Coach. Under 17 fin Runners Up.

2000   –           A & B Grade Coach.

2010   –           Played in the A & B Grade Premiership Teams

                        B Grade Runner Up Best & Fairest Player.

2011   –           B Grade Best & Fairest Player

                        Runner Up in MCDFNL Best & Fairest.

2012   –           Coach of B Grade and Under 13 teams.

2013   –           B Grade Premiership

                        B Grade Runner Up Best & Fairest Player.

                        Grand Final MVP

                        Under 13 Coach.

2014   –           B Grade Runners Up.                   

2015   –           C Grade Runner Up Best & Fairest Player.

                        300 Games.   Life Membership

                        Under 15 Coach

2016   –           C Grade Best & Fairest Player & Most Determined Player.

                        C Grade and Under 17 Coach.

2017   –           A, B & C Grade Coach.

                        350 games.

2018   –           B & C Grade Coach.



Colleen Soulsby.pdf





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