Stacey Blair to play her 500th game

Stacey Blair is one of our greatest ever netball players to play for Avoca Football Netball Club. If not, the greatest!
Tomorrow Stacey plays her 500th game for our club and we wish her the very best for her milestone game. What a magnificent achievement!
Stacey is not one for the individual limelight and asked the club to hold the news of her milestone back for as long as possible, as she does not want a big fuss made about it, as she is all about team. (Easy to say Stacey, can’t see it happening though!)😁😁
All the best Stacey!
Following is Stacey’s long list of achievements during her 35 years involvement with our club.

Stacey Blair 

Stacey first played for the Avoca FNC back in 1988 in the Under 14’s and has been one of the club’s better players winning many individual awards and playing in a number of premiership teams.

Stacey has won the A Grade League Best & Fairest in 2000, & 2004 in the Lexton Plains FNL and in 2005 in the MCDFNL.

She has won the Avoca FNC A Grade Best & Fairest in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002,  2004, 2005, 2006 and 2014 .

She has also won the Avoca FNC Best & Fairest in the Under 14 in 1992, and the Under 17 in 1994.

Stacey has played 500 games (tomorrow) for the club and played in Nine premierships for Avoca in various grades over the past 35 years.  (Minus a few years for Maternity leave)

She is a Life member of the Avoca FNC and also the MCDFNL.

This is a fantastic effort, and we thank Stacey for her ongoing service over many years.

Aproximately 35 years service.

She has played in nine Premierships.

1989  – Under 14

1990 – Under 14

1991 – Under 14

1993 – Under 17

1994 – Under 17

2005 – A Grade

2006 – A Grade

2010 – A Grade

2019 – A Grade

She has won Numerous Awards including Ten Best & Fairest at club level and Three at league level.

1992 – Under 14 Best & Fairest

1994 – Under 17 Best & Fairest

1999 – A Grade Best & Fairest

2000 – A Grade Best & Fairest & LPFL A Grade Best & Fairest

2001 – A Grade Best & Fairest

2002 – A Grade Best & Fairest

2004 – A Grade Best & Fairest & LPFL A Grade Best & Fairest

2005 – A Grade Best & Fairest & MCDFNL A Grade Best & Fairest

2006 – A Grade Best & Fairest

Stacey has also coached the Under 14/17 teams in 1997 and is currently coaching junior teams atm.

And in 2018 coached the 13 & Under team.

And coached the A & B Grade teams in 2000.

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